Who are the characters in my books?

If you are like me, you probably create a mental image of the characters you are reading about. Those pictures in your mind can be so vivid that you feel you know them already and can watch them say every sentence as in a movie. Sometimes, when books DO turn into motion pictures, you can either agree with the cast or hate it so much that you'll refuse to watch the movie... Just keep in mind that each book is a window to your own fantasy and escape and the way you imagined them is always going to be the RIGHT way.                                                                                           

This said if you have ever been curious about the "muse" behind each of my book characters, then this could be for you!  I have decided to share pictures of all of them, the exact way that I created them to be. Like many authors, I always choose a "cast" before even starting to write, and I tell everyone that, if my stories were ever turned into movies, I would have to be right there to approve each of the cast members, or there would be no deal!  Many times, I start with a specific actor and I change my mind after I get to know him better. But on a few occasions, I've been so in love with the way one of our protagonists fit a certain look that it helped me a lot to watch that particular actor in some movie scenes, to imagine him talking through a particularly tough chapter, seducing the other during a love scene, or even being a smart-ass on some funny moment... Those times, it was the cast I chose, that changed the character. One way or another, I believe there would be no book if I couldn't see my creations LIVE.


You might be inclined to think "No group of people is THAT good looking in real life...  True. But, hey! This isn´t real life and, if I'm gonna be stuck with them for weeks, I much rather be surrounded by gorgeous people, than imagining some average cast I'm not attracted to... Right?

And now, let´s get to it and hopefully share some opinions and feedback! Don't forget to subscribe to get some of our character's personal notes, journal entries and thoughts you didn´t read in the books. Also for a chance to include YOUR favorite cast in my next book!

The Accord Series

Liam (Justin Barnhill)

When I first started writing about Liam, I wanted to use young Lucas Till, simply because I thought he was so gorgeous that he had to be in one of my books... So I created Liam to fit the muse (blonde hair, blue eyes...) but, as I got to meet my character up close, I realized his youth, vulnerability, and innocence didn't really match Luca's years of MacGyver that kept coming to mind... So, living him aside for a future book, I focused on the character's traits and personality and found my muse based on him and not the other way around.   When I first saw Justin, I thought I was meeting the Liam in my head up to last detail...  But thank God I'm not writing a comedy because I swear this guy NEVER smiles in public!

Rolan (Eric Dane)

Ok, have you watched The Last Ship? Well, if you have, you can't deny that captain Thomas Chandler is the spitting image of Rolan, whose last name I decided to adopt, just for fun!   I can't help to be incredibly attracted to his intense glare, his serious, never bending attitude, oozing power, deep voice and dominant attitude, while in the search of success, righteousness, and salvation, always moved by honor and compassion.  Obviously, in the beginning, there isn't much in him of the latter, but that's where his random acts of kindness and redemption will eventually come from. Recently, when we saw him in Euphoria, naked and running his thumb over the girl's lower lip, all the presents exclaimed in unison "OMG, Rolan!!!"

Morgan (Thomas Gibson)

This one was a hard one to figure out. To me, it was the kind of character that you "feel" but don't quite see. I wanted him to be a dominant jerk, power-hungry, somewhat insecure, selfish, mean enough to be a heartless sadist, but also with a weakness... his submission to Rolan. A man he loves in his own messed up way. I thought of it for quite a while before materializing him in my mind and in my story and, in the end, I decided on Agent Hotchner, the FBI agent we all know from Criminal Minds. Mostly serious, bad-ass and with a clear weakness for his partners and son.  After that, Morgan was easy to imagine.

Luca (Eric Balfour)

You might not agree with my choice. I imagine everyone sees Luca as the young, sexy, gay, stereotypical, bartender... And he is. He is conceded, popular, a big flirt and seemingly shallow. But he also has a big heart and is driven by love, compassion, and redemption. All those attributes, I remembered from Duke, the Casanova in Haven. That, along with his tanned skin, unique Italian look, strong slim body, and long hair turned him into the perfect Luca in my story.  

Will (John Doe)

To find Will I just typed every word that described him in the search engine (a few searchers, actually) until he showed himself to me. He did have Will's short light brown hair and blue eyes, his great, fit body, his eternal, contagious smile, and the goofiness I imagine Will having. Unfortunately, no name...              ( I don't own those pictures, I obviously don't own ANY of these pictures! Hence the watermarks.) 

Sergio Romano (Robert De Niro)

Now, I don't always address every side character, but this one I had to. To write Romano, the Italian patriarch, and leader of the largest drug cartel in the city, I watched every scene I could find from Goodfellas, Heat, A Bronx Tale, and the Irishmen... And that's just how Romano came alive before my eyes! Dangerous and methodical, caring and family-oriented, but volatile and deadly.                              The age range of the character was a blur. I always pictured him over 50 but, one way or another, I knew he would be perfect for the role. Can you hear De Niro's voice through Sergio's words now...?