Who are the characters in my books?

If you are like me, you probably create a mental image of the characters you are reading about. Those pictures in your mind can be so vivid that you feel you know them already and can watch them say every sentence as in a movie. Sometimes, when books DO turn into motion pictures, you can either agree with the cast or hate it so much that you'll refuse to watch the movie... Just keep in mind that each book is a window to your own fantasy and escape and the way you imagined them is always going to be the RIGHT way.                                                                                           

This said if you have ever been curious about the "muse" behind each of my book characters, then this could be for you!  I have decided to share pictures of all of them, the exact way that I created them to be. Like many authors, I always choose a "cast" before even starting to write, and I tell everyone that, if my stories were ever turned into movies, I would have to be right there to approve each of the cast members, or there would be no deal!  Many times, I start with a specific actor and I change my mind after I get to know him better. But on a few occasions, I've been so in love with the way one of our protagonists fit a certain look that it helped me a lot to watch that particular actor in some movie scenes, to imagine him talking through a particularly tough chapter, seducing the other during a love scene, or even being a smart-ass on some funny moment... Those times, it was the cast I chose, that changed the character. One way or another, I believe there would be no book if I couldn't see my creations LIVE.


You might be inclined to think "No group of people is THAT good looking in real life..."  True. But, hey! This isn´t real life and, if I'm gonna be stuck with them for weeks, I much rather be surrounded by gorgeous people, than imagining some average cast I'm not attracted to... Right?

And now, let´s get to it and hopefully share some opinions and feedback! Don't forget to subscribe to get some of our character's personal notes, journal entries and thoughts you didn´t read in the books. Also for a chance to include YOUR favorite cast in my next book!

The Underground Series

Tony (Cole Sprouse)

 Ok! Yes, I did choose Cole Sprouse. Here's why... I was watching Riverdale at the time and everyone had a crush on him. He had Tony´s features and was moody, cute, shy and sexy. And let's face it, so dramatic! So I thought...Why not?

This was my idea of Tony being cute, funny, and more innocent looking...

Looking sharper, the way he was probably dressed the night of the Christmas ball...

I just had to add the shirtless because, after all, that's how he spent most of the time...

  Alex (Jamie Campbell Bower)

Alex was preconceived in my mind, before I started to even describe the character. I always knew it would be him. 

The very sexy blonde, half victim and half perpetrator. And, yep, I just showed his butt...!

Alex had to be very attractive, self-confident, sensual and enough for Tony to risk it all to be with him. 

I got inspiration from his tougher, serious roles, in which he could act like a bad-ass...

But I also had to worry not to show him too hash or unlikable, since it was his personality and sweet nature what captivated Tony and me, to start with...

                                                       Dominic (Viggo Mortensen)

Who else??                          It just had to be him. It was always HIM! I think I wrote the book so I could put him in it...  Needless to say, I have been in love with Viggo nearly all my life!

I could see Dominic's charm in the book; hear his soft, always calm, seductive voice; imagine the way he smiled at Tony, and that split chin...

Beneath all that, there was Dominic's dangerous, ruthless side, or rather that shield he wore, that turned everything to be about himself.

And, yeah, I had to...  Omg, his shirtless strong, muscular body with all those Russian tattoos...(sighing...).

All in all... he made my perfect Dominic... Which one was yours?

Ella (Elle Fanning)

Now, tell me you don´t agree...  Isn´t she the image of Ella in every way?? In fact, as you can probably tell by the name, I first thought of her, Elle, before I wrote Ella.    She was the image of innocence (Who hasn´t seen her as Aurora in Maleficent?), but could perfectly be sexy and anything else in between...

Jonathan (K.J. Apa)

AKA Archie... Yeah, Yeah, go ahead and give me crap... I did say I was watching Riverdale!   Now, believe me when I say I made Jonathan a redhead BEFORE I thought of Archie... But when my beta readers read of him, after finding out who Tony was based on, I got some saying: "Let me guess... he's Archie!" and that's how Jonathan got his muse.

                                                       Damian (Ian somerhalder)

So..., I dare you. Now that you know, read Damian back and tell me if you don't just LOVE him even more...

He is the epiphany of sexy, funny, totally conceited, self-adoring, smart-ass, mean, stubborn, selfish but caring, compassionate, bighearted guy.

And, yes, I did mention in the book (more than once) his crooked smile... 

I also mentioned his eye-rolling, arching of his eyebrows and half joking/half warning expressions. I used to YouTube his scenes as Damon(Yeah, yeah... that's where the name came from) before writing his dialogues.

Let's not forget that, in the end, he saves the day... We love you, Damian!

Charlotte (Charlize Theron)

I´m sure you're starting to catch my thinking process by now... lol. Yeah, exactly, first came the muse and then the character's name. But you can't blame me... Isn't she just so perfect for the role??

Side Characters

Because who doesn't paint a picture of the lousy friend, loyal butler or evil-doers...?

Mason (Dolph Lundgren)

Mason... The asshole we all hated. I had a mental image from the start. I created the character before I knew exactly who he was but, as he started getting his own personality and traits, I saw him walking and talking and the one person that kept popping into my head was Drago from Rocky, whom I disliked as much when I first watched the movie. I have to admit, in my mind, he was not as young, so I looked into his little older years and found our guy!              ...More or less...

    Chloe ( Madison Pettis)                                                Lincoln (Unknown)

I could see her skipping around our main characters with her dark bouncy hair and a naughty smile on her face.

Chloe's personality, so playful and seductive, made me think of this sexy young actress with her unique style and her love for selfies... 

Now... Lincoln! That was another story. His looks remained a bit of a blur at the start. I never really pinned it to any muse in particular... 

I only knew he was a middle-aged body builder, very short hair, not necessarily good looking and with a taste for leather.      How about you?

And with these two concluded our cast for The Underground Series!  I would LOVE to receive your opinion and imaginary cast. Send me an email with your ideas and also feel free to include the pictures or descriptions or those you would like to see in my next book!